Injured In An Accident? You Deserve Justice.

When you are injured as a result of another person's recklessness or negligence, you shouldn't have to pay a dime for your recovery. We at Champ Law are prepared to go the distance to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries, so you can make a swift recovery and get back to living your life.

Located in Holyoke, our lawyers have experience throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut with a variety of personal injury claims, including:

If you or a loved one has been severely injured or died as a result of one of these incidents, we will fight passionately by your side to seek justice.

You Can't Afford To Do This Alone

Far too often, we see accident victims try to settle their case alone — often taking the first settlement offer the insurance company gives them. But this rarely provides the money you need to make a full and healthy recovery, let alone pay for any lost wages, property damage or other expenses you may be facing as a result of your injuries.

Many times, clients literally can't afford to go through this process alone. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to secure you the full compensation to which you are entitled, and we won't settle for less.

We Can Help You Move Past This

Few things are as difficult to overcome as serious injuries. You may be unable to work and facing mounting medical bills from your recovery. Your injuries may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities that could prevent you from working in the future, and you may have family relying on you to bring in income.

We understand the challenges you're facing and will work to address all of them. Through our vigorous representation during negotiations and in court, our goal is to leave you in the best possible position following your accident.

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