Taking Swift Action On Slip-And-Fall Injuries

When you are on someone else's property, that person has a duty to ensure that you are safe. If poor conditions or the owner's negligence causes you to slip and fall, he or she may have breached that duty — and you could have a claim to compensation. This is commonly referred to as premises liability.

At Champ Law, we understand the burden of slip-and-fall injuries. While many believe such accidents are minor, they can result in severe injuries and even permanent disabilities or death. Located in Holyoke, our firm represents victims of slip-and-fall accidents across Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, and our lawyers always take swift action to secure the compensation clients need to make a full and healthy recovery.

We Investigate Every Slip-And-Fall Claim

Our attorneys have seen it all and know what to look for when investigating your slip-and-fall accident. Every premises liability case is unique and can involve a range of causes — from snow and ice, to insufficient lighting or other safety violations. We will begin building your case immediately, gathering information to determine:

  • What caused the slip-and-fall? It's easy to make a slip-and-fall claim, but it's much harder to prove it. We will thoroughly investigate the details of the accident to determine whether it could have been prevented and whether the negligent party had control over the conditions that caused your injuries.
  • Who is at fault? Depending on your unique circumstances, multiple parties may be at fault. The property owner, landlord, business owner, city or state may be to blame for the poor conditions that led to your accident.
  • What damages are you entitled to receive? Just as with any personal injury claim, we will compile all of your records so we can fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. This can include medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, future wage loss, disability payments, pain and suffering and more.

Slip-and-fall injuries can have lasting medical consequences, and you shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes. Contact our firm today; we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to get started. Call 413-461-4847 to set up an appointment, or reach out to us online.