You Deserve Justice For Your Loved One's Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are painful and emotionally charged. You need an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve and fight for justice for your loved one. But more than that, you need a personal injury lawyer who can take care of all the details, so you have time to grieve.

At Champ Law in Holyoke, our seasoned legal team is experienced in the sensitive and complicated issues often surrounding wrongful death cases in Massachusetts. We will take the time to thoroughly investigate your case so that you can be sure your family has found justice.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death claims are very much like personal injury claims, but when the deceased is no longer available to bring the suit to court, another party must bring the claim on his or her behalf.

Many state laws require "the executor or administrator of the deceased" to file the wrongful death claim in court. Any damages recovered as a result of the wrongful death claim are paid to the deceased person's estate.

To determine whether you may be allowed to bring a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased loved one, visit our offices. We'd be happy to answer your questions and begin discussing the next steps in your case.

What Types Of Damages Are Available?

When a loved one has died in an accident, you are fighting for different types of damages than if he or she had lived. Rather than seek compensation for medical treatment, wrongful death claims often lead to financial recovery for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Income the deceased would have earned
  • Care and guidance the deceased would have provided to family members

When there is a loss, it impacts every member of your family. Our goal is to rectify that as much as possible, seeking to lift at least the financial burden off you and your family's shoulders.

We Can Help You Move Past This

While we can't bring your loved one back, we can help you and your family find as much peace as possible. We understand the challenges you are facing, which is why we work closely with all of our clients to help them move past what is perhaps the most difficult times of their lives.

Call our firm today at 413-461-4847 to set up an appointment, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Or you can reach out online for more information.